Miracle Mineral Supplement is HELP

Originally posted October 11, 2021

I have been helped, so many of my friends have been helped, and thousands of people world-wide have been helped. You don’t have to take it the rest of your life, maintenance is good but dependency is not necessary in most cases.

Our society is geared to be dependent on one thing or another. If it’s not anti-depressants, pain medication, drugs, alcohol, or whatever, we are being pacified by one thing or another. Our medical needs have been set to imprison us into total dependency which seems to support a ‘greater purpose’ like $$ dollars $$ for an entire complex of industries.

We seem to no longer retain the human dignity once respected but now seem to be a ‘number’, patient, or just part of a statistic. What has happened to us as individuals and each others personal needs? I know 1 thing for sure, and that is my life has been extended.

For almost 10 years the North American medical method has somehow depleted my life’s savings and so all I can do, for as long as I can afford it, is provide this information about this ‘miracle’.

God bless all of you.

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