Miracle Mineral Supplement

First posted July 28th, 2009

Jim Humble discovered a simple health drink cure for malaria in South America during a prospecting venture. When he returned from the prospecting trip he worked on the health drink formula for several years sending it to friends in Africa who were able to use it in the field. [...]

MMS Dosage Tips

First published March 21st, 2011

Mixing/activating MMS

I have always used natural juices to activate MMS. The procedure I followed was:

A. When I started, 1 drop MMS in a glass, added 2-3 drops of line juice. B. Watched the timer on my microwave waiting 3 minutes. C. Added 1/2 glass water and drank [...]

MMS Help the people

First published May 16th, 2011

I am asking you whose lives have been extended because of you ordering your MMS from our site, to please contribute, and that is only if you can.

I have sent so many portions of MMS to countries and people who were not in a good position financially. [...]

Miracle Mineral Supplement is HELP

Originally posted October 11, 2021

I have been helped, so many of my friends have been helped, and thousands of people world-wide have been helped. You don’t have to take it the rest of your life, maintenance is good but dependency is not necessary in most cases.

Our society is geared to be dependent on [...]