A Recent Post from Maylasia

Since my last blog, I received this email:

Hi, feel sorry to hear what happen to u recently… hope you will recover so soon…

A friend of my is diagnosed with HIV recently, is MMS can heal this problem? Where can I have this solution for my friend (I mean the original solution). FYI I am a Malaysian, living in Malaysia… Please write to me soon ok, TQ

Your sincerely,


Thank you, Shahrul for your kind thoughts.

I am not sure if you know this, but in Canada, the health authority is very strict with people who claim that anything other that approved medicines can cure anything. But we can tell our stories from our point of view.

This quote is from Jim Humble’s site in Africa:

So in my opinion, when someone finishes this latest HIV protocol, I believe that he really is HIV/AIDS negative. So far the people here who have finished this protocol have remained healthy up to 4 months.

Someday, they will have a test to prove HIV negative, but there is no such test now. And disgusting as it sounds, there are many false HIV positive tests reported, causing people to waste money and time and distress when it is not necessary…

The original website is here and he describes the amounts and how to take MMS for HIV.

You or your friend can order MMS from me from this page

Even though some sites say to start with 10 drops of MMS, most people will not be able to tolerate that. Everyone is different. My advice (I am not a doctor) is to start off slowly with a couple of drops and see how well your friend can tolerate it and increase the amounts as he is able.

Protocol Information

When looking for some ‘alternative’ method to follow, type the ailment in to your browser and MMS for tour search. So many people have been asking about Alternative methods to deal with and what the protocol would be, I have put this information together from years of dealing with issues.
Being a very simple process, the basic protocol is what’s needed. It starts with a single drop of MMS to which 3-5 drops of Pure Real lime or lemon juice is added. I emphasized before that to be sure of the effectiveness of this activator, used a real lime or lemon off the tree, and not a bottle of something similar at the market.
Follow the above suggestion and keep the ratio of 1 drop MMS and 5 drops lime or lemon juice as you increase as instructed in the protocol.
An example would be ‘3 drops MMS and 15 drops juice’ and later would be 10 drops MMS and 50 drops juice.


After the 3 minutes you can add water, cranberry juice, apple or pineapple juice then drink within the next 5 minutes to achieve the best you can.
The Drop
ALWAYS USE PURE JUICES with no additives!

Wait on your Vitamin C and Orange Juice because is acts as the ‘ANTIDOTE’ if take too much too fast.
It should be as smooth and seamless with no side effects.

Any action that arises is often Acidic Bad Pathogens being dealt with. You can maintain or reduce your dosage level till thing are to your liking.


A word from a user in Australia

Today I received this letter from a lady in Australia:

I found your website today. Congratulations on your informative site. I find MMS is excellent…. terrible to take, but good at the job!

I drink it with water, rather than juice because it’s difficult to find suitable juices and I feel water is better for me!! Drops of fresh lime juice are by far the best for taste and lime juice seems much easier to take, even easier than lemon juice or citric acid. I have not tried vinegar.


This is exactly how I did the protocol when I was close to death. Now my health is excellent!

The way it used to be

What happened to our world? We use to be with a government who was for the people and we could vote on our changes. We use to rule the government, but now the government rules us and we no longer seem to matter. If we oppose the ruling THEY put into effect, they consider us anti Canadian and quite often treated like terrorists.

I remember in the past we would be heard with open ears.

Things I miss;

I would know my neighbor, help as a community for those that needed it. We would look for commonalities among ourselves, not differences. It is now at a state that we fight so much within our own society, Blacks, whites, yellow, Christians, Jewish, Italians, Polish, Hindu, Police, citizens, politicians against one another to just mention a few.

Greed has overtaken compassion ship. If you are a victim of some epidemic like drug addiction, we separate ourselves from “that kind”. If it was and epidemic of Polio, we would hopefully strive to aid the victims.
I see one of the worst addictions is Methadone controlled by the government. The Major Pharmaceutical companies strive on the ailment of our society.

Why is the Food and Drug administration in the same group?

Earlier in times, word of mouth was how medicines and I do mean cures were discovered. People worked hard to remedy the population. Today we cannot use alternate medicines, whether they work or not. Is this freedom or is it dictated extortion?

I spent close to 10 years being an eligible candidate for a number to test drugs that were hoped to cure me, or at least give me back a sustainable life. The programs failed and because of the ‘side effects’ which were 100 fold worse that my original prognosis, I had to spend my life savings subsidizing my condition.

I prayed, and kept believing there was hope. I was to receive a new Liver (10 year life span), 3 years to see if it took, and then 7 year countdown. Thanks be to god who allowed me to discover an alternative medicine, MMS.I had only 4 weeks to go before the transplant. I spent 3 week doing the protocol and then gave blood for the transplant team who were amazed when the checked my charts.

When they asked me what I was doing there, I told them to, “to get a new Liver”. They said my counts had stabilized and to come back in 1 year and they would see how I’m doing, That was 6 years ago.

Protocol Tips for MMS

Real Limes or Lemons
I must mention that when you first start, always start with 1 drop of MMS. The bottle has a folding drop dispenser in the lid. For every one drop of MMS, 3-5 drops of activator should be added.
Examples are;
1 MMS 3-5 drops of activator.
When up to 5 drops of MMS approximately 25 drops of activator should be used.
Let’s talk about the activator; I used actual real lime juice from a real lime (or lemons). Not the juice from lime in a prepared dispenser

Health Alternatives and MMS

Health alternatives are quite often all we have left. Conventional practices are geared often to deal with the masses much like an ‘assembly line’.
Being dealt with as an individual was what ‘use to be’. That was in the days from the past and we had ‘family doctors’ who took it to heart and looked after each ones needs medically.
Those days seem to have changed and health care is much like a $$currency so many cannot afford. What can you do when ‘your’ doctor says there isn’t much more that they can do for you and all those pills, liquids, and treatments don’t seem to work?
I’ve been there and felt so helpless until I discovered MMS.
I see now that people with Cancer, Hepatics, Aids, and so many other afflictions that have been aided by this basic miracle supplement.
I had Cirrhosis of the Liver and felt the pains of my condition. After 10 years of ‘conventional medicine’ treatments, with no success, I was next to have a Liver transplant.
The very worst parts of treatment were all the ‘side effects’ I had to cope with.
Three weeks following the MMS protocol did the trick. The transplant team doctors said my condition was stable and get checked in a year. So be it, that was in 2008.
Thank God for alternative medicines!