MMS Dosage Tips

First published March 21st, 2011

Mixing/activating MMS

I have always used natural juices to activate MMS. The procedure I followed was:

A. When I started, 1 drop MMS in a glass, added 2-3 drops of line juice.
B. Watched the timer on my microwave waiting 3 minutes.
C. Added 1/2 glass water and drank it down.

Several things stood out.

First being there was no smell when I put the MMS into the glass (normal), but at the 3 minute mark, ough!! I noticed a overwhelming chlorine smell. I didn’t put my nose too close to the glass, thank goodness.

The second thing I should mention is to use REAL lime or lemon to get your activation juice. Once while I was in another country, I had picked up a cold or bug so I got some lime juice from a restaurant. After a day I didn’t seem to be getting better and realized that the 3 minute smell (ough!!) was not happening. They had given me that store bought juice in the squeeze thing.

It had “added vitamin C” (which I think is used as a preservative) and it was neutralizing the activation. I went to a farm Mercado and got some real limes and this made the difference immediately.
My method is to use MMS by the drop, 2 to 3 times lime juice, wait 3 minutes and add apple-juice or just water and drink.

It stays in the system about 4 hours so if you were really in need, you could use a dose twice a day or 4 times a day. As you progress in your dose level, your body should let you know how things are going.

Many of my friends including myself have used it to relieve tooth problems. 6 drops MMS, 12-18 drops juice, wait 3 minutes, add water and gargle and rinse mouth thoroughly spitting out once rinsed. Do this with the entire glass full which should be about 3-4 mouth rinsings.

This info is just from my experience but I must mention it originally stabilized my liver which was almost the death of me 3 years ago.

Presently if I get exposed to a possible flu or bug, I take a 6 drop maintenance dose.

I have worked my way up to 15 drops previously when I needed a miracle.

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