MMS & MMScure information

First posted January 21st, 2010

It seems quite necessary to rely on basic miracle methods today in dealing with the overwhelming issues with which we are confronted. I have sent quite a bit of MMS to farmers and alternative medicine groups worldwide, usually by sending them 10, 4oz. bottles.

MMS keeps for quite a few years when stored out of direct light.The protocol calls for a certain number of drops when using and usually there is plenty of MMS left for periodical maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to order a bottle or so if you are concerned about your health

This is a personal note from Rick who has experienced it’s miracle first-hand. May I wish you Good Health!


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  • neil mann

    I would really like to find some mms as I have cancer and I will not let them blast me away with radiation and cemotherapy. please give me a phone call at 780 4694008 edmonton alta

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