“HELP” I said, and I found out about MMS

Originally posted October 4, 2021

I have to tell how it changed my life so drastically. I got a very thorough physical check-up annually because I was very active and spent much time away from medical help like in the outback or at sea. But in 1996 my Doctor said he had bad news for me, and that was that I had something they just started diagnosing called Hepatitis C, and I seemed to have acquired it 10 to 30 years prior.

From the tests I underwent after that, my liver had been the host for the Hep C and caused serious cirrhosis of my Liver. I underwent on many test programs and drug trials up until 2007 without any major improvement.

The only procedure was another Liver. To make a long story short, 3 weeks on the MMS protocol and I became stable and that’s when I decided to let others know about this Miracle. Oh yes, I still have my own Liver and my children are thankful and this is just one story of so many other people with many other ailments.

READ MY POST BELOW called ‘My Story’ for more details.
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