A Recent Post from Maylasia

Since my last blog, I received this email:

Hi, feel sorry to hear what happen to u recently… hope you will recover so soon…

A friend of my is diagnosed with HIV recently, is MMS can heal this problem? Where can I have this solution for my friend (I mean the original solution). FYI I […]

A word from a user in Australia

Today I received this letter from a lady in Australia:

Hi I found your website today. Congratulations on your informative site. I find MMS is excellent…. terrible to take, but good at the job!

I drink it with water, rather than juice because it’s difficult to find suitable juices and I feel water is better […]

The way it used to be

What happened to our world? We use to be with a government who was for the people and we could vote on our changes. We use to rule the government, but now the government rules us and we no longer seem to matter. If we oppose the ruling THEY put into effect, they consider us […]

Protocol Tips for MMS

Real Limes or Lemons I must mention that when you first start, always start with 1 drop of MMS. The bottle has a folding drop dispenser in the lid. For every one drop of MMS, 3-5 drops of activator should be added. Examples are; 1 MMS 3-5 drops of activator. When up to 5 […]

Health Alternatives and MMS

Health alternatives are quite often all we have left. Conventional practices are geared often to deal with the masses much like an ‘assembly line’. Being dealt with as an individual was what ‘use to be’. That was in the days from the past and we had ‘family doctors’ who took it to heart and looked […]