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When I read about MMS and how it works--and that what is called stabilized oxygen ...I decided to try it. Immediately, my lungs opened and I have breathed clearly and cleanly since starting the MMS. It eliminated my 3 month long gum infection in 2 days.


A conscientious doctor comments on MMS

I have used sodium chlorite stabilized oxygen for years, mostly in the form of Halox.

It appears that Jim Humble has improved the use of stabilized oxygen by making the solution much more concentrated and using an acid to release the chlorine dioxide.

Preliminary testing suggests that it works on a huge variety of pathogens. I know for a fact that my migranes have stopped.

Richard Loyd

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I have been made aware by doctors that I need a new liver due to having Hepatitis C 30 years ago. I have been through ten years of treatments with specialists. I have been taking MMS for a month now. Last week, I went to the clinic. They took their usual tests, but this time, the doctor told me that my liver is now in a stable condition and that he did not have to see me for a year.

Separate from that, my energy level is through the roof and I have noticed that the "spider nevai" or red spots that used to be sprinkled across my chest are gone. A seeming chronic skin infection on my leg which I have suffered with for 7 years is almost completely cleared up. I can't believe it.

Richard Mariscott, Vancouver Island, BC

My wife has been diagnosed with enlarged thyroid nodules. The radioactive iodine thyroid scan revealed a lump approximately 1 inch in size with tendencies of cancerous (as our doctor explained "A cold spot"). The next test was the ultra-sound. The pathologist explained that he observed three different types of tumor. A liquid filled, a benign lump, and a possible malignant lump. The pathologist immediately performed a needle aspiration to send samples for biopsy. After all that the tests came back "Inconclusive". Our physician then referred her to a general surgeon.

It was at this time we came across Jim Humbles' books and MMS. "What the heck" we thought. Ordered some solution, mixed it with some citric acid and water, and began treatment doses.

I plan to send an email to Mr Humble because of the results we are seeing. After two days of the small dosage my wife was taking, the lump reduced in size by half. It was no longer hard. She has been on the regime for a week now and the small soft lump is still slowly shrinking. She is now at 10 drops per dose, two doses per two hours, once per day. Can this stuff really work that fast? Coincidence? I don't know.

Von Chillis

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My father-in-law was recommended this product by his naturpath. He was diagnosed with Sjogren's disease about a year ago and had all the debilitating symptoms: dry eyes (needed drops every few hours), dry mouth (needed to drink water with meals/food), and much lower energy level. Since taking MMS for the last month and a half, he has had an amazing recovery: no longer needs eye drops at all, sleeps like a baby at night, and has no dry mouth at all. As well, he has resumed his passion, tennis (at 71 years of age!)


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Skin Tags are falling off. Noticed this yesterday. After I started on MMS,some of them started itching somewhat and I can only attribute this to the chlorine dioxide. I am up to nine drops twice a day now and I have started to include our family farm dog,Jazz,in on the MMS protocol.She doesn't seem to mind it at all

Regards, Iggy.

Interview with Jim Humble May 31, 2021

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