Protocol Tips for MMS

Real Limes or Lemons
I must mention that when you first start, always start with 1 drop of MMS. The bottle has a folding drop dispenser in the lid. For every one drop of MMS, 3-5 drops of activator should be added.
Examples are;
1 MMS 3-5 drops of activator.
When up to 5 drops of MMS approximately 25 drops of activator should be used.
Let’s talk about the activator; I used actual real lime juice from a real lime (or lemons). Not the juice from lime in a prepared dispenser

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  • Pati

    I have been using this for sometime as a body cleanser and it has been working for me. But now I want to know if it can be used for curing fibroid and how many drops of each can I use, just for myself. Thanks

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