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This second part of the book is sold by the author, Jim Humble.

Part II covers more detailed information. It covers how to treat a range of ailments from minor things such as colds and flu to what you would do if you wished to prevent other more serious diseases such as cancer. Other details are given including how to treat animals.

Part II tells how to use the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) to treat burns from sun burns to the killing third degree burns. The MMS will stop the pain of a sunburn or even a third degree burn in seconds. That’s right in seconds, usually less than a minute. The burn has then been known to heal in 1/4 the time it takes for a "normal" burn to heal.

There is a separate chapter on how to buy and make a small batch of MMS in your kitchen and a chapter on how to start manufacturing MMS in your kitchen. These chapters give step by step instructions that anyone can follow.

There is a chapter giving a more detailed explanation of Blood Chemistry and exactly how the MMS works in the body. References are given where most of the data is available in various medical and chemical explanations. There is a chapter explaining why MMS could give you 20 to 40 extra years of life.

Data is given concerning the injection of MMS directly into the blood for better and faster results in rare cases where it might be required. When used intravenously, some AIDS cases will get better and faster results, especially those who are in the last stages.

This Part also talks about the causes of heart attacks and what to do about them. There is a lot of important data that has never been publicized in this book. No one should be without it.

All money will be instantly refunded to anyone dissatisfied with Part II. No family or no person should ever be without this Miracle Mineral ever again. You can make it, or you can buy Miracle Mineral Supplement from this website.

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