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First published July 7th, 2011

I met a girl 6 months ago who had been diagnosed with terminal Liver Cancer which had spread to her Lymph-nodes. She was given 6 months to live by our North American Medical system. She started the MMS protocol and today her Cancer has gone into remission and her white blood cell count is normal.

She is now a tenant at my home and is a very contributing individual who has turned her life around and is now quite active in the future which has previously been so much doom and gloom.
This is the first mention of this particular story and I will post updates as time goes on.

My particular story

Rick is HealthyWhen I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1996, it was discovered that my Liver was probably hosting it for over 30 years. I immediately search and found one of the leading Doctors in this field who was at University of British Columbia and the leading Gastroenterologist and was able to participate in the test studies of interferon and ribavirin.

It did not work for my strain unfortunately and for the next 10 years I was a subject for several different studies and tests under many different doctors and eventually was at a point where the next and only solution was a transplanted Liver.

I must say the test study side effects over that period of time were so unbearable but I was told it was the only hope for me. A good friend (a medicine man for the first nations) sent me a link to a fellow he discovered on the internet, Jim Humble, and realized this information he had just posted on the web about MMS gave me hope. I was out of options and was praying for a miracle and when I emailed Jim and explained my situation, he responded with a basic protocol to follow.

I had about 5 weeks before I had to give blood for the upcoming meeting with the Transplant Team in Vancouver, BC. This was in 2007. I sent to Alberta to get a bottle of this Miracle Supplement and waited, and more waiting. Finally it arrived and I had 3 weeks before the blood work was required for the Vancouver TP Team.

I started with 1 drop MMS 3 drops lime juice- 3 times daily as instructed. I used real limes for the activator and did the 3 minute wait, added water and drank. This was morning Noon and before bed. The next day I increased to 2 drops with 6 drops of lime juice, 3 min. water and drank. I increased the MMS drops as the days went by. When I reached 5 drops MMS, things started to pass out of my body similar to diarrhea and I had to back off to 4 drops X3 daily and hold this for a few days.

Being a man, I thought more is better and DID push the limit a bit and did deal with the bathroom effects only hoping and praying to have it help me. It smelled like chlorine from a pool or hot tub and tasted a bit that way so I began using Dole 100% pineapple juice instead of water.

I got up to 12 drops and it was time to give blood and then a few days later to take the Ferry boat to Vancouver and go to the Hospital and begin the Transplant procedure. I did have a fair amount of pain at different times coming from around my right rib area (I think my liver was aching or effecting me somehow).

The meeting scared me because the Group of the Team explained that I was going to have to move to Vancouver for a year to make sure the liver transplant was accepted by my body. I could not imagine doing this because I was not financially rich and always was self employed, but I had no choice regarding this.

By the way, I had read that the lifespan of a transplanted liver was about 10 years. I had prepared myself to accept what God had planned for me and realized I had experienced so many great wonders from this life gift and gave thanks for the opportunity to see the magnificence of this creation. The only regret was the time I would not be able to spend with my 3 children as they grew into young adults.

When I was met by the part of the TP Team who was to discuss my physical condition, A MIRACLE showed itself! The Doctor said “what are you doing here?”. I said what do you mean? He told me that the blood work shows my system had stabilized itself and there would be no need at that time to proceed. I realized the liver pain was not present anymore and I could only feel this internal explosion of Joy and Hope.

This was 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I set up the site in order to provide information for those who need this kind of information.

My kids now are young adults and I awake each day to this wonderful gift we have been blessed with. I am a single man living alone, but I give my heart freely to those who I meet.

I could tell you more but if you understand the words “have faith” and all is done as a master plan, do the best you can and the gift to you will be realized.

I thank you

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