Health Alternatives and MMS

Health alternatives are quite often all we have left. Conventional practices are geared often to deal with the masses much like an ‘assembly line’.
Being dealt with as an individual was what ‘use to be’. That was in the days from the past and we had ‘family doctors’ who took it to heart and looked after each ones needs medically.
Those days seem to have changed and health care is much like a $$currency so many cannot afford. What can you do when ‘your’ doctor says there isn’t much more that they can do for you and all those pills, liquids, and treatments don’t seem to work?
I’ve been there and felt so helpless until I discovered MMS.
I see now that people with Cancer, Hepatics, Aids, and so many other afflictions that have been aided by this basic miracle supplement.
I had Cirrhosis of the Liver and felt the pains of my condition. After 10 years of ‘conventional medicine’ treatments, with no success, I was next to have a Liver transplant.
The very worst parts of treatment were all the ‘side effects’ I had to cope with.
Three weeks following the MMS protocol did the trick. The transplant team doctors said my condition was stable and get checked in a year. So be it, that was in 2008.
Thank God for alternative medicines!

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